Once upon a time … a curator needed a dinosaur named “Sue”

You will love working with Niche Graphic Flooring because personalized customer service is just ingrained into our culture, part of our DNA.graphic+floor+dinosaur

Small, medium or large companies understand that successful products and projects require hands-on, minds-on service.

We value your time.  That’s why we answer our phones, why we listen to what you have to say, why we tell you our names and often work the same long hours you do.

Recently, a new customer described the service he received from Niche Graphic Flooring as “rare”.   Sure, we went an extra 1,500 miles for him … at Niche that isn’t rare it is cultural.

Companies who do business with Niche Graphic Flooring understand our commitment to satisfying our customers and their clients.

We may be a smaller company nestled in the heart of the world’s largest carpet and flooring manufacturers but companies large and small understand Niche Graphic Flooring is here to serve them.

May we serve you, too?

Call today!  Learn more about the best kept secret in the flooring and design industries!

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