Here are answers to the questions we get most frequently.

What does Graphic Flooring encompass?
Graphic flooring means adding design elements to products such as area rugs, carpet, tiles, and matting - i.e. inlaid patterns or logos, outer edge treatments such as complementary bindings, matching serging, or ADA compliant reducers. Niche manufactures the graphics into flooring products, however, often our finished products are made from some really amazing carpets, tiles and matting.  Generally, designs are brought to Niche for crafting into the flooring.
What is the difference between area rugs, carpet, tiles, and matting?
While there are many variations of flooring products, generally speaking, area rugs are "freestanding", used indoor, have finished edges and used to tie together design elements in a room. Area rugs can be designed to be a focal point, the centerpience of the setting. Carpet is primarily used indoor in residential and commercial settings as well as wall-to-wall installation. Adding graphic designs such as characters in a children's wing of a hospital, can "make the room" more appealing to children and help ease the anxiety of being treated. Tiles, both hard surface (LVT, SVT) and soft surface (made with carpet top layer), are typically used in indoor commercial applications. These are extremely durable and can add "way-finding" in larger settings. Matting is functional, often used at an entrance to remove moisture and soil to protect more valuable interior floors. Matting (wall-to-wall installation) and mats (freestanding) can be simple solid colors or have elaborate logos inlaid (See Incredible and Piazza).
How long has Niche been in business?
Niche Graphic Flooring was founded in 1985 by Scot and Christine LaVelle, both of whom are still actively involved in daily operations.
Where are Niche products manufactured?
Niche products are manufactured in a single 23,000 square foot facility in Dalton, Georgia. We employ 40 employees.
Who are Niche's customers?
Niche was founded as Niche Exquisite Handcrafted Rugs to serve professional interior designers and architects. We sell B2B and offer refer to established accounts. Along the way, Niche has developed relationships with the carpet and matting industries located in North Georgia, so many of our customers are mills that manufacture the goods we use in our processing. It is entirely likely you have purchased our products as "private label" from another company.
Niche's product lines are great; however, if we want Niche to fabricate using our own goods, is that possible?
Absolutely, you may provide your own goods! It is important for Niche to know what those goods are though, so that we can make sure that our processes are matched to what you provide. Sometimes, it is not possible or advisable to use certain goods. 
What are the size limitations?
Niche has made football fields and miniature mats for doghouses. Most limitations are a function of the goods being used.
What are the lead times for your products?
Typical leads times are 5-10 working days. Some jobs may require longer lead times. - i.e. large quantities, large rugs, raw materials. Overall, Niche beats quoted lead times. We pay particular attention to you and your customers' needs.
If we need expedited production, is that possible?
Yes, we strive to meet your needs. Though, sometimes, it is not always possible.
How does Niche ship?
Niche ships according to your needs. Many customers have us drop ship or private labeled.  Others prefer to pick up at our facility in Dalton, Georgia. Shipping is always additional to quoted pricing.
Do you have a published price list?
No. We do have private pricing for our registered accounts. Most custom rugs are quoted at the time the art proof is finished.
Does Niche install its products?
No. Installation is done at the local level using your preferred installer.
Can I mix Niche products in the same rug or mat?
Generally, yes. However, some materials will not marry up with others. We'll let you know.