Beautiful Ultra-Dense Cut Pile

The inherent beauty of a plush is the simple definition of each fiber; the ability to have a larger color palette; and the ease with which other room elements can be “pulled together”. Opulence means choices.

Opulence’s 42 ounces are engineered to create elegant, highly durable flooring. Install it wall-to-wall; use it to make custom designer rugs with Niche’s posh edge treatments; or create powerful branding, logos in carpets and matting.

It is so versatile the it might be used in point-of-purchase displays, in corporate lobbies and board rooms, in sports facilities, and elegant residences.

Unlimited Possibilities

Opulence Area Rug – “Mango” by Classic Rug



CalState East Bay Carpet Logo


Opulence – Lake Geneva Rug –¬†Frank Lloyd Wright


Montclair State Student Center Rug – Cut Pile Radici Wool



Opulence – Evelyn Gilbert PS Rug

Opulence – Titan Rug

GMTI Center of Excellence Rug – Cut Pile


Customer Seating Logo Rug – Cut Pile



Custom Logo Rug Mat


Harding Academy Rug РCut Pile




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Opulence Product Specifications

Opulence product specifications

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Opulence custom pattern rug showing a basket design with a geometric border in blue, and white

Perfect design every time

Combine your creativity with our expertise for exquisite flooring.

From classic quilts to Gee's Bend designs, Niche brings life to your designs every time. Whether you show direction, divide a space, or create color from music, Niche delivers.

Opulence color ways

Color is beautiful.

Opulence opens up a wider scope of possible design combinations with its large color library.

Opulence makes great rugs!

Available Colorway Lines