Great Outdoors

Outdoor products can easily become a beautiful addition to any design. Piazza, Incredible, and Coconot mats are elegantly hand-tailored, all-weather durable matting that allow you to easily integrate functional matting into your overall design scheme.

They can either be made for an inset install, as a recessed mat, or as free laying mat. Niche offers outdoor mats as solid or graphic inlay mating. Our product lines contain several color options that can facilitate most concepts.

Make the Neighbors Jealous

Beautifully extend your branding to complementary matting in entries and lobbies. Our designers make sure your concepts are rendered to your specifications. The mats are then fabricated at our manufacturing facility, where they are machine cut, inlaid and pieced together by hand; a process that ensures superior graphic representation. Niche’s process ensures superior graphic representation that, unlike printed mats, will not fade or wear off. After your mat is completed, it is shipped to the job site and inset by the flooring contractor. Indoor mats may include, but are not limited to logos, mascots, unique images or repeated patterns.














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Product Lines


  • All-weather (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • Inset or free laying 
  • ADA compliant
  • American-made polypropylene matting
  • Solution-dyed
  • Thermal bonded
  • Needle punch, non-woven
  • 6’ & 12’ rolls


  • All-weather 
  • Inset or free laying
  • 3/8” height
  • 100% PVC
  • Aggressive squeegee blade design that cleans debris and prevents water and grime from tracking inside.
  • Colorfast and UV stabilized to resist fading
  • ADA compliant when ordered with reducer edging
  • Made in the USA

luxury automobile logo mat Piazza

Piazza - Style & Performance

All American - Piazza is the choice of US Presidents. Durable, ADA compliant and easily installed if not used as a free standing mat, that's Piazza. Chosen by companies such as Harley Davidson, Marriott, Verizon and Starbucks. A favorite of homes, businesses large & small.

Incredible blue outdoor mat with government logo

Incredible - Wow! Is right.

Incredible has an aggressive wiping action made from durable PVC vinyl offered in a wide array of colors allows Niche Graphic Flooring to offer the best entrance mat for extreme climates in high demand areas.

Available Colorway Lines