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    Welcome to Our New Website…

    We know everybody has a website.  You chose ours.  Thank you.

    Because we value your time and want your business, our new website is optimized to get you what you need quickly.  The new Niche Graphic Flooring website is easy to navigate.  It has fast uploads.  And hopefully, you will find what we have to offer to be to your liking.

    Our home page gives you a good idea of IF we can meet your needs.

    Our about page gives you a flavor of who we are and our products section adds to that.

    Getting a quote is more than filling out a form.  It is a statement about personal service and professional posture.  The Gallery and Clients should give you an excellent idea of the work we have done for others and can do for you.

    We are most grateful for Chris with QWebCo who has provided us with expertise that helped you find us.  We think our new website will extend our reach far beyond our wildest expectations thanks to this webmaster extraordinaire

    Simply put – WELCOME!

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